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The Plagiarism Spectrum: Instructor Insights into the 10 Types of Plagiarism

  The remix, the mash-up, the 404, and the clone: what’s happening out there? The Plagiarism Spectrum moves plagiarism beyond the black-and-white definition of “literary theft” to one that captures the nuances of how plagiarism can […]

Analogue Turnitin?

I almost walked into a door when I saw this padlocked drop-box marked ‘Turnitin Box’.  What did it mean?  My worst fear was that somehow, somewhere, someone had managed to turn the digital, portable and […]

E-Learning themes

Themes with which we can approach the:    • re-design of the website    • development of Moodle support course-space, help-sheets, case studies    • focus of e-learning development/training sessions    • various committeesSome ideas – to which you […]

The Moodle Groups tool

BackgroundAgainst a backdrop of reduced resources, great and sometimes conflicting demands are being made of Higher Education institutions. Research into H.E. in the UK indicates that, since the 1980’s, Universities are operating with continually decreased […]

Ring-fencing of marks to encourage good academic practice?

As a Learning Technologist with a special interest in e-assessment, as well as the responsibility of administering and promoting Turnitin, I’ve been thinking about the potential of ring-fenced marks in assessments to promote awareness and […]