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Blended Learning Essentials MOOC

Week 1 Activity – comment on video The message was loud and clear for me; the use of digital technology affords greater freedom and flexibility for both teachers and students.  This is exemplified by the  […]

E-Learning presentations from the RHUL Learning At Work Day

Audience response systems Twitter in academia; an introduction Social Bookmarking

Twitter ye now

What is Twitter? Twitter can be described as a hybrid of blogging and SMS messaging, or a severely cut-down version of Facebook. Twitter asks its users – Twitterers – “What are you doing?” and provides […]

Using to capture, organise, share and retrieve web-based resources is a free, web-based service allowing users to bookmark sites and, rather than keep them in a particular pc and browser, share them online with friends, colleagues, and people with similar or overlapping interests. […]