Month: June 2015

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Turnitin Administration and the Moodle rollover project

Turnitin assignments have been archived as part of the larger Moodle rollover and archive project.


  • Session 14/15 Turnitin Assignments in Banner courses (but not those delivered through Partnerships) were archived and moved to the Moodle Archive at
  • Turnitin assignments were deleted from 15/16 Moodle course spaces.  This prevents licensing, access, performance, and management issues arising from the re-use of expired Turnitin assignments.

Administrators/course editors should:

  • Create new Turnitin Assignments in Moodle 15/16 course spaces. These are now all available in Moodle at
  • Use the 14/15 Moodle course spaces to create Turnitin Assignments for resubmissions, at  This will consolidate all 14/15 Moodle/Turnitin activities.


  • The  Moodle-based support materials for creating and managing Turnitin assignments can be accessed directly at:
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Moodle Rollover & Archiving complete

The scheduled Moodle rollover and archiving is complete.


  • Staff can now access and edit their refreshed 15/16 courses at
  • Students will be enrolled upon their 15/16 courses at when Banner records are updated.
  • Students will then be able to access their 15/16 courses at when staff make them available.
  • Staff and students can now access their 14/15 courses at  This is where any submissions, resubmissions, and resits relating to 14/15 should be carried out.
  • 13/14 courses are now archived offline, and can be restored on (staff) request.

Course owners/editors should:

  • Edit existing content
    • Reset start and finish dates for assignments and quizzes
    • Create new Turnitin assignments (Administration Teams usually perform this task)
    • Add introductory messages to discussion fora
  • Add new content and activities
  • Make courses available to students


    Support materials for editing Moodle courses can be found in Moodle at

      Archiving delivery

      Update: Royal Holloway, University of London, Moodle Rollover & Archiving 2015

      The annual Moodle course rollover is scheduled for the week beginning Monday June 15th.  This affects both Moodle ( and the Moodle Archive ( .  The schedule is as follows:
      1.            Moodle Archive will be unavailable from 4pm on Tuesday June 16th.
      2.            Moodle will be unavailable from 9am on Wednesday June 17th.
      3.            Moodle and the Moodle Archive will be restored no later than 9am on Friday June 19th
      These timings are subject to change, and we will provide you with updates as necessary.
      Please refer to the dedicated E-Learning News Page at for further information about the rollover and archiving processes.
      Thank you for your support and patience during the rollover and archiving period.

      The E-Learning Team