At Royal Holloway, University of London we switched to Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS) and the Moodle V2 direct plug-in last week.  Approximately 50% of our submissions are marked using GradeMark, but the issues we had last year were likely to prevent further significant growth in this area.  TFS addresses the sluggish performance of the Document Viewer while the V2 plug-in gives us greater flexibility in our use of Rubrics, PeerMark, and support of a range of file types – which was not possible with V1.  Another reason for changing is that we made no major changes to other E-Learning services this summer and therefore had capacity which we’re unlikely to enjoy next year.

I found the beta version of TFS occasionally buggy, sluggish, and inconsistent – although this was expected as the product was being developed.  I was more concerned about the reported behaviour of the V2 plug-in, although this is much improved since its release.  Turnitin are now producing higher quality training and support materials than they have in the past, and this has encouraged the team here greatly.

A cohort of over 350 students and 25 markers led the way and used it for the whole set-up > submission > checking > marking > feedback cycle last week, and it went spectacularly well.  Our support overhead was minimal and the feedback we’ve received has been nothing but positive.  I will share here our experiences with the new set-up throughout the forthcoming academic year.

Turnitin Upgrade at RHUL

Support for staff at RHUL

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