Successes & Challenges

I’m meeting some of our big hitters today and I expect the conversations to be framed in terms of challenges and successes.  It’s a great opportunity to step back for a few moments and think […]

Moodle 2.6 and supported browsers

Currently supported browsers: The following web browsers are supported by Moodle: recent Google Chrome recent Mozilla Firefox Safari 6  Internet Explorer 9 (although 10 is required for drag-and-drop of files from outside the browser into […]

Stuck on the e-learning uptake treadmill

I’ve spoken many times about the perceived lack – and inequity – of VLE uptake at Royal Holloway, University of London.  I don’t think there is a lack staff engagement with Moodle, or Turnitin and […]

Moodle and Internet Explorer 11

With an out-of-the box install, the IE11 browser will not render the editing toolbar in Moodle text boxes to produce WYSIWYG text underpinned by HTML (fora, quizzes, labels, etc).  What it does render is a […]

Classroom interactivity & Student-owned tech

  I’m investigating and evaluating a variety of services which can enhance lectures by allowing students to interact with each other, the lecturer, and beyond while using both institutional and personal technologies.  Could I ask […]

Our current projects – with big Es and small Ps

The new academic year has begun and, without a major Moodle upgrade to contend with, it has been relatively smooth. We’ve added to – rather than hastily re-edited – our collection of Moodle support materials, […]

Clickers / Audience Response Systems: an update

The PowerPoint presentation has (finally?) replaced the overhead projector in the role of sharing materials with groups of students in lecture halls and seminar rooms. PowerPoint allows us to draw upon and incorporate a wide […]

ocTEL: Week 0 Activity 0.1: My Big Question

“How do we encourage even greater use of e-learning?” This is not my big question, but one that has been asked many times before.  Each time we reach an e-learning milestone, e.g., all departments […]