Launching in October 2015,  our Law degree ( explores the fundamental principles of justice, equity and equality within the framework of English and European law.
The newly validated and surprisingly popular Royal Holloway LLB demands innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment.  This in turn provides great opportunities for piloting, evaluating, and embedding Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) from the get go, without the obstacles which are present and often entrenched in existing programmes.  ‘E-Learning Carte Blanche’ is a new experience for both the teaching and e-learning teams, while we have in place a Faculty Administrator who is progressive and supportive in their approach to digitising the administration of programme delivery.
We’re planning to use Turning Technologies Clickers to facilitate in-class interactivity, polls & tests, while our Panopto/RePlay service will support the capture of both lectures and student presentations.  Our GradeMark service – integrated with Moodle – will be used to provide rich, timely and legible feedback to our students.
We will begin with supporting the creation of large question banks of challenging, legal multiple choice questions.   Those who dispute the value (read: difficulty) of MCQs should have a look at these examples:

We will provide updates on our decisions, progress and impact as we work with our new law colleagues.

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