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Course Availability (changed)
The previous method of making courses available en masse has been discontinued.  Tutors are now responsible for making their courses available.  This helps avoid the accidental release of out-of-date materials or unready courses.  This process takes only a few moments.  Staff support for this, and a growing collection of Moodle 2 help sheets, can be found at is on a separate installation of Moodle and is intended to provide a training, development and support platform).
Course Access (no change)
Students are automatically enrolled upon their courses on Moodle via Banner. The courses students are registered for on Banner will appear on their ‘My Home’ page in Moodle ( and in their ‘My Courses’ section. Students can browse or search for all other courses in the full course list on Moodle by clicking on the front page Course Category links to Term 12-13 Courses and Academic Skills and Study Support.
All Royal Holloway users can access all of this year’s availablecourses, not just those they are registered on. This has the advantage that students who are not yet registered on Banner can still view courses and resources (they cannot take part in Quizzes or Assignments). Also, it serves as an opportunity for students selecting their courses to preview courses on Moodle.
If you would like to restrict access to your course, for example so that only enrolled students can access it, please visit the Moodle Essentials course  where there is a help sheet supporting this, or contact moodle-support ‘at’

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